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Why not learn about what’s going on in Greater Lincolnshire from people working in the region themselves? Whether you are wanting to find out how an Engineer spends her day, or why a Care Worker loves his job, the be inspired page is for you.

With employers from the construction industry sharing their exciting local projects, and employees from the Visitor Economy sector revealing their career journeys; you can learn about different jobs from the people who experience them every day.

From the Greater Lincolnshire ports, to the Agri-Food industry; delve into our stories and get inspired.

Joe Nicholls Testimonial

I informed my tutors that I wanted to apply for the Marines, and they were really helpful with improving my fitness levels, leadership skills and public speaking. I’ve now passed all of the entry exams, and will start my basic training this year. I feel that college is a lot more proactive in helping you to achieve your goals, and I found it more enjoyable than school because I’ve picked a subject I enjoy.

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Lincoln has a manufacturing sector worth £1.9 billion

Lincoln has a manufacturing sector worth £1.9 billion, a low carbon sector worth £1.2 billion and is home to the biggest Siemens plant in the UK