Greater Lincolnshire’s Agri-Food sector is feeding the UK!

Did you know Greater Lincolnshire produces one eighth of England’s food? It grows 30% of its fresh produce, 18% of its poultry, and processes 70% of its seafood. In addition to this, it also excels in food logistics with 30% of UK food travelling though south Lincolnshire.

The region is feeding the nation, which is why growth in the Agri-Food sector is so important, not only locally but for the whole of the UK. The Agri-Food industry employs over 75,000 workers in departments like agriculture, food production, farming equipment, distribution and packaging. Greater Lincolnshire’s Agri-Food sector is diverse and vital, which is why it’s such an exciting industry to be a part of.


Examples of new innovations:

It is such an exciting time to be in the industry as there are huge amounts of innovation going on. Innovation is happening from farm to fork and is utilising some groundbreaking technology to do so. Some examples of innovation within Lincolnshire’s agri-food sector include the development of harvesters for crops that are traditionally picked by hand, such as soft fruits, broccoli, and cauliflower. There are huge amounts of innovation looking into how to reduce carbon emission throughout the food chain, including increasing efficiently and using alternative fuels, and into alternative proteins such as extracting high grade protein form out grade potatoes. We are at a turning point of the technological revolution, and this needs a vast array of jobs to support it, some of which may not traditionally be associated with the agri-food sector.

Some job areas you might not have thought you could do in agri-food:

There is a huge range of job roles available in the agri-food industry spanning many different disciplines. These include genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, robotics, computer science, artificial intelligence, computer vision, engineering (mechanical, electronics, embedded systems etc) GIS and remote sensing, procurement, marketing, PR, finance, new product development and more!

  • Would you like to see food products you have helped to create on supermarket shelves?
  • Would you like to see machines you have helped designed out working on farms or in food factories?
  • Would you like to see people living healthier lives because of your work in the agri-food sector?

This is all possible within Greater Lincolnshire’s agri-food industry.




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Just a few of the employers operating in AGRI-FOOD

Strutt & Parker

Helping people lead the lives they aspire to, we aim to ensure our people achieve their own ambitions.

Countryside South,Agri-Food

L J Fairburn & Son Ltd.

Fairburn’s Eggs is a third-generation Lincolnshire family business, first founded in 1951 by Jim Fairburn, who purchased 150 chickens for £150. From those humble beginnings, Fairburn’s Eggs have taken the food and agriculture industry by storm, becoming the largest, independent, family-owned egg producer in the UK, packing and distributing an astonishing 17 million eggs a week. A few years ago, Fairburn’s made the decision to go independent. Since then, their dynamic and young team have never looked back, continuously identifying ways to challenge, innovate, and inspire the egg market. Forging truly impressive and strong personal relationships with most of the country’s leading supermarkets, Fairburn’s have built an expansive network of egg producers and loyal customers across the country.


Garford Farm Machinery Limited

Garford Farm Machinery Ltd is a development, manufacturing and distribution company supplying high quality products to the UK and world agricultural market.

The Vales,Agri-Food

Vertivore Farm

Vertivore produces high quality, year-round salads, herbs and plants. All our produce is home grown in our vertical farm which strictly controls its environment using LED lighting technology and a climate controlled system..

Agri-Food,Low Carbon


From our sites in Lincoln, Scotland and the South West, we supply retail, wholesale and food manufacturing customers with fresh and ready prepared potatoes. We do all this with the help of dedicated and professional potato growers who deliver the high standards we demand, day in, day out.

Countryside South,Agri-Food,Apprenticeship

King Crab

Although we have our internet presence we are real people who understand seafood

Countryside North,Agri-Food,The Coast