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There are thousands of skilled jobs available in the Lincolnshire area each year.

With the right qualification you could have one of them and earn more.

to find out how to get the skills you need to progress your career speak to a local advisor

Call 01472 32 45 87 for Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding area


Call 0800 121 60 26 for East Lindsey, Boston and South Holland



Local career advisers for adults are funded by the Department for Education, and for a limited time this summer you can arrange to speak to an adviser for an in-depth conversation about your career out of normal office hours.

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A life in PR

Just as PR is exciting and dynamic, it’s also demanding and unpredictable. A client could email you at 4pm on Friday asking for a press release to be prepared for Monday morning, or a journalist could get in touch with a last minute opportunity with a tight deadline. But that’s what keeps things interesting and you’ll definitely never be bored.

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Do you know about Dynex?

Dynex has just completed manufacturing one of the largest known inverter assemblies to be used as part of a tokamak fusion magnetic confinement system in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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