A unique, heritage experience filled with historical arts and culture

The city is crowned by Lincoln Cathedral, one of Europe's finest examples of Gothic architecture, which sits across a picturesque cobbled square from Lincoln Castle, built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The engineering city, famous for inventing the tank during World War 1, is still innovating and building. The engineering school at the University of Lincoln is the first in the UK for more than 20 years, built in partnership with world famous company Siemens, and the Science and Innovation Park is home to state of the art research and laboratory facilities, with technology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and medical science at its heart. Lincoln is proud to boast two Universities; Bishop Grossteste University, with a vast curriculum, are experts in education and have been training teachers since 1862! Did you know that Lincoln is the only place in the world where you can find original copies of both the 1215 Magna Carta and the 1217 Charter of the Forest? That makes it a hugely popular visitor destination, and the local hospitality and catering industry is booming.

Keep scrolling to read about some of the fantastic businesses that you could work in.

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Just a few of the employers operating in City of Lincoln

Stokes Tea and Coffee

We currently employ around 80 members of staff including roasters, baristas, chefs, waiting staff, machine engineers. We like our staff to be friendly, professional and passionate about coffee. 

City of Lincoln,Visitor Economy

Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd

The pharmaceutical sector requires professionals of the highest standard, what we do affects the lives of our patients, it is a worldwide business, diseases do not respect national boundaries, this means that although we are business based in Lincoln, our activities take place anywhere in the world.

City of Lincoln,Health And Care

Social Change UK

We're a social research and marketing agency set up to make the world a better place. Everything we do is in pursuit of making the world a better place. If you want to use your skills and talent for good - this is the place to work.

City of Lincoln,Health And Care

Epix Media

Working in a creative studio is like nothing else. We support each other in coming up with great ideas, delve deeply into clients' challenges and get to break the mold with ideas that astonish them. 

City of Lincoln

Stagecoach East Midlands

The majority of our employees are drivers although we also have an excellent team of engineers supporting our operations. There are, of course, Managers, Supervisors and administration staff to ensure that the business runs at its best. Currently, we employ just over 1250 staff of which 950 are drivers.

City of Lincoln,Ports And Logistics

Lincoln Teleservice Ltd

Within their workforce, they have people in both sales and repair roles to both look after customers and the appliances. They are also advocates of apprenticeship programmes!

City of Lincoln,Apprenticeship

National Centre of Food Manufacturing - University of Lincoln

The NCFM is dedicated to helping food industry employees advance their careers. We understand the demands of studying while working in this fast moving, dynamic industry and balancing family commitments. Our part-time Degree Apprenticeships provide one of many flexible study options for those working in Quality, Technical roles and Operations Management.

City of Lincoln,Countryside North,Countryside South,The Coast,The Fens,The Vales,The Wolds,Agri-Food

Wilkin Chapman LLP

One of our key strengths is working together as a firm. We have a friendly and professional working environment which focuses heavily on a teamwork approach and trainees are highly valued team members.

City of Lincoln,The Coast,The Wolds

Micrometric Ltd

We employ apprentices for mechanical engineering to use laser processing and other machines. We employ engineers to plan and process jobs and engineers and scientists to innovate new processes and investigate buy or make new equipment.

City of Lincoln,Apprenticeship,Engineering

Denby Transport

Denby Transport based in Lincoln in the United Kingdom is a specialist services provider. Our team has over 100 combined years of expertise and experience within the haulage, warehousing and installations industry.

City of Lincoln,Ports And Logistics,Denby Transport,Apprenticeship

NMB Minebea

At NMB Minebea UK, we are a world leader in the design and manufacture of bearing technologies. Wherever precision, speed and reliability are essential; we deliver exceptional solutions which improve the productivity and efficiency of our customer’s application or product.

City of Lincoln,Manufacturing,NMB Minebea,Apprenticeship

Lindum Group

Lindum Group operate as a construction business by understanding and building relationships with their clients, getting to know properly what they need and require for their business. This approach has led to a large number of repeat clients, though they are by no means complacent in a very competitive industry.

City of Lincoln,Construction,Lindum Group,Apprenticeship

Dynex Semiconductor ltd

Dynex Semiconductor has a rich history in the design, development, and production of High Power Semiconductors and Power Assemblies. Dynex's products throughout the years have been applied in projects that vary from Traction, Power Quality through HVDC, Renewable Energy production, to helping science advance.

City of Lincoln,Manufacturing,Technology,Dynex Semiconductor ltd,Apprenticeship


Siemens might be a global employer but it firmly believes in the value of 'growing its own' talent from local communities.

City of Lincoln,Manufacturing,Technology,Siemens,Apprenticeship

Rilmac Group

As a long established, ambitious company, Rilmac are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team of professionals.

City of Lincoln,Manufacturing,Low Carbon,Rilmac Group

Lincolnshire Co-operative

The word 'co-operative' describes a method of business and there are many different co-ops across the world.

City of Lincoln,Health And Care,Lincolnshire Co-operative,Work Placement

Simons Group Ltd

Established in 1944, Simons has been offering property solutions tailored to specific needs for over 70 years.

City of Lincoln,Low Carbon,Construction,Simons Group Ltd

Spaldings Limited

One of the UK’s leading agriculture and groundcare specialists. Known for our exceptional quality and comprehensive aftersales service, we supply agricultural tools, supplies, replacement parts and machinery to thousands of customers, earning a reputation for service, quality and reliability

City of Lincoln,Agri-Food,Spaldings Limited

The Orders of St John Care Trust

Providing care in 69 care homes in Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, with one home located in Arundel, West Sussex.

City of Lincoln,Health And Care,The Orders of St John Care Trust

Did You Know?

Associated British Ports are helping grow the local economy!

ABP Ports in the Humber support 23,000 jobs in the region and contribute £2.2 billion to the UK economy every year.