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There are thousands of skilled jobs available in the Lincolnshire area each year.

With the right qualification you could have one of them and earn more.

to find out how to get the skills you need to progress your career speak to a local advisor

Call 01472 32 45 87 for Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding area


Call 0800 121 60 26 for East Lindsey, Boston and South Holland



Local career advisers for adults are funded by the Department for Education, and for a limited time this summer you can arrange to speak to an adviser for an in-depth conversation about your career out of normal office hours.

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Conor Lewis

It feels good to work in the offshore wind industry as it has a somewhat moral feel to it. To know that the work I do contributes to our country emitting less carbon is quite humbling. The industry is growing rapidly so I feel like I’m part of something big which is moving forward and benefitting society without harming the planet.

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Do you know about vertical farms?

The Vertical Farm itself is situated inside of a warehouse and consists of a climate-controlled chamber where crops can be grown and harvested 365 days a year.

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